How Shippers use Central Haulage Hub

You post the vehicles or containers you want to ship, their condition (running, non-running etc.), the pickup and dropoff locations, and the price you are willing to pay to ship. Carriers, who are already traveling your route and want to fill their trucks, contact you directly to transport your vehicle.

While Central Haulage Hub is not a shipping company, we connect you with Carriers who are reliable and committed to moving your shipments safely. In addition, we provide access to U.S. DOT license information, insurance information and ratings for carriers as well as an online dispatching system which can provide realtime updates about the status of your shipment via email and SMS

Visit Angelic Shipping, our freight shipping website, if your freight needs to travel overseas. You can utilize our shipping services to move your freight to a variety of international ports

1 Post

Post your vehicle or container information. Carriers will contact you for assignment

2 Verify

Review the carrier's profile on Central Haulage Hub to ensure they meet your criteria

3 Assign

Assign the carrier to your shipment

4 Receive

Confirm delivery of your vehicle, which triggers our system to pay the carrier

See It In Action!

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